Welcome friends and visitors to the “Hounds on the Hill” Home Page and Web site. We invite you to look around, review our products and services, but first take a minute and meet “Harry”, “Tucker” and “Moose”, the “Pawpriotors”
Harry is a Great Pyrenees whose current owner took him in after his first owner complained of destructive behavior. Harry preferred a diet of books, furniture and fine Italian leather shoes. The transition to a new home wasn’t easy, but Tammi knew there had to be another outlet for his destructive behavior.
Tucker is an English Springer Spaniel. Tucker is a high-energy dog that spent long hours alone at home while his owner worked. When left home alone too long, he would take out his pent up energy and anxieties on the house! His owner knew she needed to find a way for him to exercise more.
And finally Moose, a three year old Golden Retriever. Moose’s owner Dana, also works long hours and frequently travels for work. Being the people dog that he was, when he was bored Moose began the process of excavating his back yard. In the first year and a half in their new home, they needed two new lawns.


Since opening their own doggie daycare, these are no longer issues for the “Pawpriotors” of Hounds on the Hill. Thanks to daycare, they are happy, tired and the only thing they lash out at is their supper bowls!



Daycare facilities are a creative alternative to loneliness for the pets of busy people. The program is designed to provide supervised play for compatible groups of dogs. In this large facility the dogs will have access to both indoor and outdoor play areas. They will spend the majority of their time in large open spaces playing with other dogs. They will even have toys!

Hounds on the Hill is a facility, conveniently located near downtown, The Golden Triangle, Capitol Hill, and Cherry Creek. The facility is designed to provide the play environment of a dog daycare, with other service additions including retail dog food and supplies, pet photography and obedience training.

The facility operates on 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday. The hours of operation are designed to accommodate the greatest flexibility for working professionals and busy individuals. The alternative care facility offers an opportunity for pets to enjoy exercise, socialization, obedience training and play. These outlets for playful energy provide a creative alternative to the loneliness and destructive behavior that some animal's display when they are left alone to often or for long periods of time. The supervised environment will ensure healthy and safe interactions for dogs that pass an extensive behavioral and health screening process. Dogs will go home exhausted after a full day of play. Dog owners will have peace of mind, knowing they can juggle a hectic work schedule and care properly for their best friend.

Bring your pet in to enjoy play groups in our new facility! Call for an interview and a reservation.
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