Dogs are pack animals and are much happier in groups. Tucker, Moose and Harry (seen on the Home Page) suffered from problems commonly found in the average household. We say “suffered” in the past tense because all three have overcome their problems with obedience training and happy play-filled days at Hounds On The Hill.

Why Hounds On The Hill over some of the other Daycares? The owners wanted a safe, structured environment that they would want their own dogs to go to...and they do! Hounds On The Hill is also internationally affiliated with the “Yuppy Puppy Daycare” program and The Professional Association of Dog Daycares”.

Here at Hounds On The Hill our owner is a Professional Obedience Trainer. Most daycares lease their space to an outside trainer. At Hounds On The Hill, our staff is there everyday and can continue to work with your dog while you’re away. Everyone here is certified by the Red Cross in “Canine First Aid”.

We are conveniently located near the Downtown, Washington Park and Cherry Creek Areas. Our facility is a safe and fun environment for dogs who:
x Have owners that work long hours
x Have owners that travel frequently
xHave owners that are ill and can’t take proper care of their dogs all day
x Have owners that are worried about their property being destroyed when they’re not home with the dog
xHave separation anxiety or destructive behaviors
x Is an “only” dog in the family looking for someone to play with
x Belongs to responsible owners that just want their best friend to experience a half-day or full day of slobbering good times with their new buddies

Our goal is for you to pick up a dog that is tired, obedient, non-destructive, but most of all HAPPY! Won’t you let your best friend join Tucker, Moose and Harry at their fun-filled furry fraternity? We hope so!

  All Dogs and Breeds that are 12 weeks old and older are Welcome. Dogs seven months or older must be spayed or neutered
x They must be current on all shots including the bordetella (Kennel Cough)
x For the safety of our four-legged friends, all dogs are temperament tested before being allowed to join in the fun.


Bring your pet in to enjoy play groups in our new facility! Call for an interview and a reservation.
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